Sunday, August 27, 2017

Mongoose Status Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Status 26-inch dual-suspension Mongoose mountain bikes are equipped with almost everything you’ll need for trail riding. The Mongoose mountain bikes feature a powder-coated aluminum frame that’s long lasting and rust-resistant, along with MTB 31.8 riser handlebars.

The 24-speed Shimano Effortless Fire shifters, meanwhile, make it a breeze to transform gears although on the move. Lastly, the bike’s arrow black anodized alloy rims and 26-inch fat tires will conquer the toughest terrain. Other capabilities consist of front Promax disc brakes, integrated Shimano levers, an RTS Capa fork, along with a QR seat article. The bicycle carries a one-year warranty.You can also check top Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Dollars on

This bicycle functions from and rear promax disc brakes, MTB 31.8 rise bars with ahead stem, 24-speed shimano with EZ Fire Shifters, integrated shimano levers, SR Suntour alloy forged 3-piece crankset, ARROW black anodized alloy rims and hbs, and QR seat post.

I found this bike on Amazon for what I thought was a decent selling price ($50 less expensive in comparison with everywhere else) so I determined to get it. It arrived on time and was in great shape. I’d say it took close to 20 min. to build it out from the box and assemble it up appropriately.

If you would like a bike that has actually great components, a excellent setup, and inexpensive, this can be your bicycle. So far, I place a few miles on it and it can be definitely awesome. Suspension, brakes, tires, weight, every thing is much better than I anticipated dependent within the cost. A fine exercise: compare it with those $300-$350 Mongoose mountain bikes you see at Sports shops and you will comprehend how greater this bike is.

Mongoose Status 3.0 Mountain Bike Review

The Mongoose Condition 3.0 Dual-Suspension Mtb for guys is built for the ultimate experience in comfort, efficiency and accuracy you involve expect from a top quality mountain bike.

Trail riding is exactly what this Mongoose Standing 3.0 has actually been built for and with its complete suspension aluminium framework it provides that supreme path trip with exceptional comfort, without losing any of its efficiency abilities.

The full suspension will fully soak up any type of bump you come across throughout your trip and every dive comes to be an even larger joy. The SR suspension fork creates a lot more comfy flight as it smoothens out bumps as well as provides you a lot more precise control and also phenomenal handling capabilities.

When you have to put on the brakes it is no worry in all and also with the front and back disc brakes that provide instant as well as greater braking power in all feasible problems, you will stop in time, whenever. It is truly effortlessly that you can change equipments on this Mongoose Condition mountanin bike because of the 24-speed Shimano trigger shifters. One more great function is the rugged Mongoose tires geared up to take care of any terrain and also any kind of kind of exterior problems.

Mongoose Standing 3.0 Functions and Specifications

  • SR suspension fork smoothes bumps and also increases control
  • 24-speed Shimano trigger shifters and also Shimano back derailleur
  • Dual-suspension mountain bike with full suspension structure
  • Suntour crank and alloy pedals; extra-large threadless headset
  • Front and also rear disc brakes offer sure stopping power
  • Mongoose Condition 3.0 Dimensions: 58 x 34 x 8.5 inches

Mongoose Standing 3.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain bicycle Reviews

It is very clear that the passionate mountain cyclist is convinced that this Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is practically the cheapest around and also considering just what you get for the money invested, it produces a great buy. Although it's made for males that like mountain cycling, one review confirmed just how he got his sweetheart this mountain bicycle as a Christmas existing.

They struggled to discover a bike which matched her as well as which had the features she was searching for. Both he and also his sweetheart agrees that certain functions like the dual suspension, easy launches on both tyres as well as the seat, in addition to the fat tyres make this the most effective choice they might have made.

Some reviews does however mention that this Mongoose mountain bike is only sufficient for lighter journeys as well as along routes that do not provide excessive extreme difficulties. As soon as the terrain is as well rough, they state, this bike battles to carry out as you might expect from a tough looking version such as this one. Inning accordance with these evaluations the brakes as well as suspension are just fine, but that the equipments are great and also changes with a great deal of simplicity.

On the whole it seems to be a very good buy, particularly when you take the small cost tag in consideration. It takes care of with ease as well as women will find it suitable to ride. Besides a few viewpoints that claim the Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual-Suspension Mtb is not matched for extremely rough surface, it remains a great investment and also could be just the bike you are trying to find.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Three Major Mountain Bike Components

Whether you are an amateur or a pro in mountain biking, you need to know the different Mountain Bike Components. This is very important when you shop for your bike and when you make some repairs on it.

A mountain bike has several components. Each plays a unique role. The components include forks, brakes, bottom brackets, chains and chairings, handlebars and grips, stems, shifters, front and rear derailleurs, wheelsets, and tires and tubes among others.
with these different components, you can actually make thousands of combination’s. In this article, you will be introduced to some of the major Mountain Bike Components.


Wheels determine the quality of your ride. If your bike has excellent wheels, you will have a fun and convenient ride. The wheels include Mountain Bike Components such as hubs, rims, spokes, and tires. When choosing the wheels, you have to consider some factors.

These include the weight. As much as possible, you should choose lighter wheels. The tire is also a very important thing to consider. Make sure that you shop tires from manufacturers that sell durable tires. Remember, the terrain you are going to tread is very challenging most of the time.

The tread pattern should also be considered. In choosing the tread pattern, you have to determine the type of surface you are going to ride on.


The front suspension fork is one of the most important Mountain Bike Components you should look for in a mountain bike. There are several types of forks you can choose from.

There is the coil sprung fork. This component caters to low-budget shopping. This fork is also very easy to manage. It can be easily tuned and adjusted. The coil sprung fork is tougher than most forks. However, this one is a bit heavier too. Another type of fork is the air sprung fork.

This one is lighter compared to the former fork. The good point of this one is that it is very adjustable. The downside is that it is very expensive.


The brakes are the Mountain Bike Components that can be upgraded easily. There are hydraulic disk brakes and there are also mechanical ones. If you have problems with your budget, you can have other choices. Mechanical pull brakes and v-brakes are cheaper options.

The Mountain Bike Components are very important considerations when you shop for the best bike on the market. These parts actually determine your performance on mountain biking.

If you can’t afford to buy high-end bikes, you can just actually buy cheaper ones and then shop for the different mountain bike components that could make your equipment perform better. Go online. The Internet can give you several sites where you can look for the different mountain bike components and accessories.

If you shop online, you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home. You just wait for the items to be delivered right at your doorstep. Online shops also offer warranty for their products, so you don’t really have to worry about the quality of the shopped items.